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Pricing and Payment

We offer two different sizes of cards from you to choose from. Each one is very affordable and clickable to your website and you have a choice of either monthly or yearly payment plans.

Yearly of course will save you a few bucks and you wont have to worry about the issue of making sure your monthly payment was made.

Your ad will run for a year and if you change your card, simply get the new one to us and we will update it.

The larger size card has premium status above all the rest in your category.
Smaller cards are UNDER the premium size cards.

Your card is moved down ONLY when a NEW card in your size and category comes in, Otherwise you hold your spot in placement. So lets get to the sizes . . . .

This is a premium sized card
the cost is $15.00 Monthly OR
$140.00 per year
( a savings of $40.00 per year )

This is a standard size card.
The cost is $10.00 monthly OR
$100.00 per year
( a savings of $20.00 per year )

Look at these sizes carefully and decide which is best for you and remember that they WILL be clickable to your website if you have a site.
Once you have decided what size you want then please click PAY below which will take you to the payment page
call / email us to be billed monthly rather than to be charged automatically via a subscription.

We look forward to doing business with you and helping get you noticed by San Angelo and our neighbors !